Where To Go In London

London is a thriving City, with a high percentage of the population currently been under 30 it is no wonder there is so much activity around town day and night. If you have a big event, or wild night out due on your calendar, then you will find no shortage of some of the funkiest best venues in london, guaranteed to please your entire crew and guest list. The first thing you need to do is figure out the theme, is the event going to be intimate, personal, wild, work, or a gathering of friends who need to let loose. Once you decided the fun part begins, narrowing down the results.

Extra information about best venues in london


Right in the heart of the city centre is where all the real action takes place. The infamous Experimental Cocktail Club could be the venue for a fun party event to please all tastes. With over 3 floors, the quirky decorations will make you take notice and feel the vibes instantly. The popularity is down to its amazing cocktails, you could each try a selection during the night and still return later for something new. Non cocktail lovers can indulge in some vintage spirits to ease into their night out.


If you are looking for some fun and games, and a cool place to throw a party then Blooomsbury Bowling Lanes could be right up your alley. The entire theme you could imagine is based on 1950's American style lanes, complete with a busy bar, and tasty restaurant that resembles a diner. Already you have a built in theme without doing the work yourself. This would be an amazing place for a fashion dress party. Choose a theme, order some American style hotdogs, and enjoy your vintage themed night out with the crew. This will certainly be a memorable one.


It's hard to guess that this type of place exists in London, but it does, and it is incredible fun. Bounce is not just a clever name. It is a Ping-Pong bar, with food, drinks, and the legendary game that has broke up many a relationship. Don't worry about balls flying into your dinner when you've had your fun, there is a large distance between the tables and the food so chow down. This is ideal for the hard to please friend you are planning an event for. Guaranteed to have a great time and a lot of laughs.

The four quarters

Finally a bar that pleases all crowds. Drinkers who enjoy loud music can sit and mingle while indulging in crafts beers, spirits, and cocktails. The real fun here is in the retro style games that surround the bar, who wouldn't be tempted to drink a pint while playing Pac-Man and attempting to beat that annoying high score. There is even film screenings for the movie fans, and tournaments for gamers. All can be enjoyed while downing your favourite pint and having a chat. Now that makes an event itself, without putting in all the hard work.