Retired people and buying back loans

Good Finance, your specialist in credit repurchase for seniors explained to you the reasons which encourage people to make loans throughout their life while they are working. You will then say why continue to make credits after retirement or when you retire? Well, because life goes on and the financial problems are not over or resolved. See for the scoop

Anticipate and prepare for retirement

Anticipate and prepare for retirement

Do not wait until you retire to realize that you will no longer be able to repay your monthly loan payments. Anticipate and calculate the future income that you will receive at retirement from the age of 57. You are a retired tenant or retired owner and like most people who have credits, you realize that you will still have credits when you retire because the amount of capital owed is too high.

You know that in the long term new credits will be contracted because you have expenses that you cannot repel forever. Do not wait, consolidate your credits before retiring and ask that your loan be smoothed against your future retiree income.

Repay a monthly payment that is adapted in relation to your current income as an employee, civil servant or self-employed and ask to smooth therefore to lower your reimbursements as and when your income decreases. Your debt ratio and your remaining living will be less affected.

Moving to retirement and buying new real estate

Moving to retirement and buying new real estate

You are retired and you no longer wish to live in the city but you want to move away to the countryside. You need space, nature, and the prices are much lower, both for rental or purchase. But it still has a knock especially if you buy a property in poor condition.

Very often the work and especially the amount of funding is undervalued, or you thought you would do it yourself and as you get older the work becomes more and more difficult, so you do call small hands or craftsmen but in both cases, you have to pay them and you start to make your first credits.

As we say “when we start we don’t know how it will end”. So pay close attention to the pitfalls of home improvement, it is often a financial pit if you are not very DIY or if you do not have the finances. If you find yourself in a similar situation, do not hesitate to contact us in order to study your file in credit consolidation for seniors.

And do not think that it is not possible because you are retired or that you consider yourself an elderly person and that no one wants to lend you any more money. Good Finance is your broker specializing in groupings of loans for seniors, retirees, and seniors.

Enjoy retirement

Enjoy retirement

You are in the process of retiring or you are already in retirement and you did not imagine what a drop in income really represents. There is nothing easier to increase your lifestyle … But reducing your lifestyle is really very hard. You have to change all your habits, review everything downwards, you have the impression of depriving yourself of everything.

So that it is now that you want to have fun and realize your dreams and your desires to travel in France or abroad, to see your brothers and sisters who are spread throughout the territory, to visit France and its castles, to discover and travel the world! But you lack the money and you already have loans in progress, so your projects cannot be realized.

Seniors often help their children or grandchildren

Life is not a long quiet river there are many accidents of life. You are finally retired, calm and hoping for a little respite. Well no, the worries are not over your daughter (in most cases) divorces or find herself alone with the dependent children and do not work or her income is not enough to assume all the responsibilities, or another of your children following a major depression finds themselves out of work, in both cases your children come back to live with you.

You can not help but host and support them and often for several months or even several years. To cope with the amounts of daily expenses you start making personal loans and then it is the credit spiral. The solution to retirement to remedy this is to make a transaction to buy back credit for the elderly.

Your broker makes loan redemptions for seniors up to 95 years of age when it is a loan repayment with a mortgage guarantee for retirees. If the grouping of loans is not guaranteed by a mortgage, the age of the end of the loan is 85 years, it is a consumer loan for retirees.